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Rena, thank you so so much for today. I’m indebted to you for all of your help and support. You have been so positive and have made me feel relaxed and capable in the run up to the birth. I just wish I could have spent all afternoon with you! 💗 xxx – Yasmin

Zen Yoga Birth provides unique antenatal and postnatal yoga classes combined with childbirth information. The yoga in these classes are inspired by Vanda Scaravelli; focussing on grounding, centering and awakening the spine, tapping into the body’s natural intelligence to create space in the body through breath and movement.

The pregnancy yoga classes are aimed at enhancing your journey through safe strengthening exercises, infused with relaxation and breathing techniques in preparation for labour and all types of birth .

Every class includes up-to-date unbiased information to inform you of your choices that may arise during your pregnancy journey.

Take this unique opportunity to embrace this moment, discover your own innate strength, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed, energised and empowered in preparation for the birth-day of your baby.

‘This is my time, for me and my baby’

YogaBirth classes – Pregnancy Yoga

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

Yoga is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy and has many physical, emotional and psychological benefits. Some physical symptoms of which may be experienced during pregnancy; blood circulation, aches , PGP Pains, anxiety, shortness of breath, heartburn, insomnia & tiredness can can be eased, managed or eliminated through regular pregnancy yoga and good nutrition.

What to expect

  • 90 mintues of Yoga – Safe for all stages of pregnancy, from 14 weeks, up to the birth of your baby.
  • Time to connect with your baby in a safe and undisturbed environment.
  • Breath and postural awareness through movement and sound – Tuning into your breath, finding your own natural rhythm
  • Effective labour positions and moments for optimal fetal positioning in preparation for labour and birth.
  • Pelvic Floor education – Gain a good knowledge and understanding of the pelvic floor with effective strengthening exercises.
  • Childbirth Information – Covering up-to-date unbiased information to inform you on a wide range of topics on pregnancy, labour, birth and postbirth.
  • Relaxation – Time to lay down and truly let go of your inhibitions, release any tension, with a combination of the breath, music and positive affirmations.
  • Refreshments & Talk time – An opportunity to share your thoughts, interests and experiences in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • Occasional visits from other professionals as well as mothers and their partners to share their birth experience journey.

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Doula Work – Birth Companion

I have a true passion in supporting women and families in the preparation for the birth-day of their baby.  I believe in the importance of being informed and being in touch with ones instincts and beliefs, without any judgement on the type of birth they wish for.

Along your pregnancy journey, I will be there as an advocate, making sure your wishes and preferences are respected, without undermining medical care or guidance, and provide you with evidence based facts from reliable resources, to enable you to make informed choices,  (not based on hearsay or out of fear). Without any judgement or expectations.

During labour I can provide you with the tools for a positive labour experience through breathing techniques, optimal fetal labour positions / active labour and hands-on touch approach & massage if wanted.  Making sure you are well nourished, keeping your fluids up to help maintain good energy levels throughout your labour, birth and postnatally.

I offer both prenatal and postnatal services.  My prices are variable and customised to the individual person/ family. I am more than happy discuss your wishes either via phone or in person.


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Prenatal Doula package

  • A Home visit to discuss preferences, options, previous experiences, birth wishes, etc
  • On-call roughly 2 weeks prior your due date to 2 weeks after
  • support available via text, phone or email throughout your pregnancy
  • Photographic opportunities.
  • A postnal visit a couple days after the birth of your baby & debrief of your birth

Postnatal Doula Package

  • I work on an hourly basis (2 hours  minimum)
  • Scheduled visits booked in advance
  • Basic house chores include basic cleaning, cooking, laundry  ( this can be discussed in more detail)
  • Essential Food shopping and other necessities
  • Looking after newborn and or other children, giving you time to have shower, nap or sleep 
  • Breastfeeding support -(latch, expressing , resources and information)  

Any other additional wishes can be discussed.

How valuable is it having a Doula? Click  here to read some testimonials.

I offer a free no obligation consultation which gives you the opportunity to get to know me and see whether I am the right Doula for you.

Kind Words

Rena, thank you so so much for today. I’m indebted to you for all of your help and support. You have been so positive and have made me feel relaxed and capable in the run up to the birth. I just wish I could have spent all afternoon with you! 💗 xxx – Yasmin

Hi Rena, I hope you are well. I wanted to say thanks so so much for all your support last Saturday, your help really was invaluable to both Sebastian and I. We cannot thank you enough. It was a long one, but the team at the Whittington were amazing and the birth was the best considering the circumstances. So we are very pleased. – Olivia & Sabastian

Rena supported my partner and I during our home birth by being our Doula. She was a god sent especially when I was busy filling up the birthing pool. She helped Olivia through her contractions and was also showing me what parts of her body to rub for pain relief and she helped me get involved more with the whole experience. She was very descreet and gave us space when we needed it. Thank you for all you did for us on that special day Rena. Marcus Georgiou

Rena supported me through my pregnancy by providing yoga birthing classes. I always felt relaxed and peaceful at her classes and she always answered any questions I had and made me feel at ease about giving birth. After my first birth which was slightly dramatic I decided to have my second at home and was thrilled when Rena agreed to be my Doula. Because of her I had the most perfect birthing experience. She supported me through all my contractions but also gave me and my partner space when we needed it. She helped me breath my baby out which is something I never thought I would do. Thank you Rena for being the most amazing yoga birthing coach and for being my Doula. I couldn’t have done it without you.

After watching my wife go through labour for the second time (after a very traumatic first birth experience), I noticed a huge difference in her composure. Rena’s breathing techniques worked wonders and kept my wife calm and in control. Rena expertly helped us to embrace every moment in the run up to the birth, which led to a positive and stress free labour. Thank you Rena!

Private classes with Rena were amazing. She worked on the different parts of my body that I needed the most. The sessions helped me a lot with my back pain and generally helped stretch my body. After each session I felt lighter and refreshed! Thank you so much for the amazing relaxation time, which also helped me connect with my baby.

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