Children’s Yoga

Childrens Yoga

Hello, I’m Rena, creator and founder of Zen Yoga Birth (established 2018). I am a mother of 2 children and former primary school Teacher and Nursery Nurse.

As a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher, Childbirth educator, Active Birth Teacher and Doula, I believe in the freedom of expression, with an open mind to each individual.

My classes are enriched by my artistic, musical and cultural influences. I weave creative elements using simple arts and crafts, story telling & music, which encourages positive attitudes to learning and growing as an individual.

What to expect

  • Breathing and visualisation exercises bringing a sense of calm, safety and security.
  • Simple Art & craft elements for self expression, breathing awareness and imagination.
  • Flexibility, strength and balance to create healthy body awareness and reduce sports related injury.
  • Nature based poses to create a connection and understanding of the natural world around them, enhancing their concentration. 
  • Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation helping the child to self regulate their emotions and become confident and resilient.
  • An overall sense of serenity to accept and embrace their world


Childrens Zen Yoga

Semi- Private and Private classes available upon request 5 mile radius