Doula Work – Birth Companion

I have a true passion in supporting women and families in the preparation for the birth-day of their baby.  I believe in the importance of being informed and being in touch with ones instincts and beliefs, without any judgement on the type of birth they wish for.

Along your pregnancy journey, I will be there as an advocate, making sure your wishes and preferences are respected, without undermining medical care or guidance, and provide you with evidence based facts from reliable resources, to enable you to make informed choices,  (not based on hearsay or out of fear). Without any judgement or expectations.

During labour I can provide you with the tools for a positive labour experience through breathing techniques, optimal fetal labour positions / active labour and hands-on touch approach & massage if wanted.  Making sure you are well nourished, keeping your fluids up to help maintain good energy levels throughout your labour, birth and postnatally.

I offer both prenatal and postnatal services.  My prices are variable and customised to the individual person/ family. I am more than happy discuss your wishes either via phone or in person.


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Prenatal Doula package

  • A Home visit to discuss preferences, options, previous experiences, birth wishes, etc
  • On-call roughly 2 weeks prior your due date to 2 weeks after
  • support available via text, phone or email throughout your pregnancy
  • Photographic opportunities.
  • A postnal visit a couple days after the birth of your baby & debrief of your birth

Postnatal Doula Package

  • I work on an hourly basis (2 hours  minimum)
  • Scheduled visits booked in advance
  • Basic house chores include basic cleaning, cooking, laundry  ( this can be discussed in more detail)
  • Essential Food shopping and other necessities
  • Looking after newborn and or other children, giving you time to have shower, nap or sleep 
  • Breastfeeding support -(latch, expressing , resources and information)  

Any other additional wishes can be discussed.

How valuable is it having a Doula? Click  here to read some testimonials.

I offer a free no obligation consultation which gives you the opportunity to get to know me and see whether I am the right Doula for you.