As a qualified Pregnancy Yogabirth Teacher, Childbirth educator & practising Doula,  I aim to provide families and expectant parents with support throughout their extraordinary journey.

Inspired by ‘Vanda Scaravelli’, I teach Hatha Yoga, specifically tailored for pregnancy, which involves deep, yet gentle strengthening movements which are safely conducted throughout all stages of pregnancy, inviting the child-bearer to explore and listen to their own intuition in what their body and baby needs. One will experience the use of breath, alongside gravity-assisting positions for optimal fetal positioning, pelvic floor exercises and relaxation. This is then followed by a chat over tea, where mothers meet each other in a warm and safe environment and often return to introduce their new babies to share and celebrate their birth experiences.

My classes are infused with a wealth of skills and knowledge, keeping mothers informed and giving them an opportunity to discover their own innate strength, leaving the class feeling empowered in preparation for labour & birth.